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The College Press was founded with a vision of promoting honest journalism. It is our goal to hold media to its highest standard and all who create within it. We are committed to expanding education, thought and creativity. TCP builds value and knowledge for our users and future generations of honest journalists.

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Build Your Brand Build Your Brand
Build Your Brand Build Your Brand

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  • Report the stories you love
  • Focus on your passion
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Organize Your Reports

  • No more juggling paper files
  • Unlimited storage
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Track Your Progress

  • Custom publication reports
  • Print/Email reports to professors
  • Track followers, friends, views
  • See how you rank among your peers

Build Your Brand!

  • Custom profile page
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Build your free journalism portfolio.
Follow. Share. Report. Connect. Broadcast.

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Follow student progress.
Follow. Share. Report. Connect. Broadcast.

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Follow. Share. Report. Connect. Broadcast.

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Watch close.

Why publish in the dark? Track your hits,
views, readers, comments and much more!

Deadlines, Deadlines

Go. Go. Go.

Feel the RUSH of working with our team
to publish the hottest breaking news!

Organize Your World

Everything in place.

File all of your published work into an
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Work in teams.

Connect with other students around the
world! Share a byline! Work in teams!

Publication Creation

Creativity 2.0

Run your own online newsroom! Invite
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Relax & Enjoy

Peace of mind.

Secure servers for your work. No
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